Thursday, September 17, 2015

hey guys!
wow it's been awhile. just been so caught up in life that i've put this little blog on the back burner. i've been thinking a lot about the the events the last few months. when gay marriage was upheld a few months ago i remembered someone posting a quote on facebook from tim cook (apple CEO) when he came out about how individually our bricks add up to something even though alone we don't feel like much. (his full transcript here) and i remember thinking about what i was like and who i was when i first started this blog, and now who i am, and definitely being able to blog about being a closeted/semi-closeted guy really helped me as well as reading about other similar guys all over.

anyway, now that i'm more comfortable with who i am and not ashamed to admit i like guys, i don't want to forget about where i was a zillion years ago when i was living my double life 'cuz i know there are plenty of guys still petrified where i was back then. and hopefully sharing my brick now will help you/them out, so i'll try to get back on this blog world.

today was actually a pretty big day for the news cycle with the republican debate and the clock kid, but i wanted to share a story i saw today about a college athlete coming out. fortunately these are becoming more common but i can still see it being a big challenge for guys in that world. talk to yall soon.

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  1. It's great to hear from you again. It sounds like your comfort with yourself level is rapidly rising, which is wonderful. I hope your chronicles will appear more often. I like them.