Friday, December 20, 2013

when i saw that the "duck dynasty" guy had been fired from his show, i cringed. i knew it would set off an unnecessary firestorm about gays and give anti-homos more fuel to rally behind. A&E can do whatever the hell they want with their stars, but i don't think it is doing the "gay agenda" any favors to have him suspended. far better would it have been for them to make a statement saying they don't support his views and then maybe have an episode next season or something where this family meets some 'normal' homos and have a dialogue about that. now it's just gonna be a cluster on the media cycle for the next few days and neither side will have changed their views on anything.

i often wonder what patients would think if they knew about my private life. we as doctors get to know so much about a patient's personal life, yet it's a real one-way street. would it really matter to you what you knew about your doctor's personal life? it shouldn't, but i've always been interested to know if any of my patients would treat or interact with me any differently if they knew that what i was looking forward to after work is sucking a big fat dick. the patient/doctor relationship is really complex and so many subtle things can change the interaction dramatically, so would my sexuality be one of those things? i usually get along pretty well with my patients, so i wonder what a little randomized trial of patients knowing my preference vs. not knowing would have on their overall opinion after their evaluation. and if they were really critically ill and there were no one else around, would they consent to be treated by me? i bet there are some people out there who would rather die than be treated by a homo. but what about the opposite, what if a gay-hater had their life saved and then at the end found out it was because a gay doc had helped them? would their whole world be turned upside down? who knows.

it is interesting that while i could face discrimination from my patients, i could never do the same in reverse. can you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if some doctor refused to treat a woman, a christian, an anti-semitic, a racist, a prostitute, a drunk, a homeless, a lesbian, a morbidly obese, or whatever? we no matter what are supposed to be a neutral party and every patient that walks in we treat the same regardless of what their personal life or views are like. and really shouldn't that be the way it is for everyone?

Monday, December 16, 2013

happy holidays! hope yall are staying warm out there. i decided last week i should probably try to get in shape. i had been working on my beach muscles earlier in the year then got derailed with working nights and the breakup etc, and basically haven't been doing anything for a few months. but i've been getting these really weird twinges of chest pain and whenever an attending makes us take the stairs i'm like winded after two flights. also kind of worrisome is that after a night of moderate to heavy drinking i have these really bad palpitations in the early morning. clearly i've been neglecting my cardiovascular health. i've always been decently athletic but i realized now i'm at that age where i really can't just wake up out of bed and expect to be ready to run a 10k. (i'm in my late 20s)

anyway i'm gonna try to get a jump start on new years and get back on the gym thing. not so much the muscles thing, but focus more on my cardiac health cuz that's what gets everyone later on. i ran on a treadmill for the first time in god knows how long last thursday and ran 2 miles in like 24 minutes and wanted to die the whole time. i asked my co-resident who is a fitness freak if it's supposed to get easier and she's like, "no but you get high". haha so there's her motivation. i'm always telling patients to eat healthier and exercise a few times a week so i guess it's time i practice what i preach. running is seriously miserable though. i ran again today and at least it was a little easier. everyone's always wishing for things they don't have but not willing to put in the hard work for it, (me included) but i'm gonna start trying to put in the work for a healthier body and healthier heart.

alright thought i'd close with some winter-themed pics. most i got from hope you have someone to enjoy this cuddle weather with!

Monday, December 2, 2013

my first thought when i found out bob harper, some trainer on the biggest loser, was gay, my first thought was not "oh, he's gay" but rather "damn, he looks good for 48!"

bonus: as i was looking for pictures of bob, i came across chris powell, another stud who does one of these weight loss shows. unfortunately, this one is straight.