Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it's been awhile since i heard this song. it came on shuffle the other day and after hearing it again i've been obsessing over it. perfect lyrics and perfect attitude. that's what i want!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

everybody has their type, and while my type happens to be just about anyone with a dick between their legs, the latest guy off seancody really gets my jeans tight. cute facial scruff, perfect amount of body fuzz, hot body, puppy dog looks, and oh yea his dick's not bad either. some guys got all the luck in the genetic lottery. anyway i know looks aren't everything in a relationship but i wouldn't mind waking up to someone like him every day. actually it was a funny coincidence 'cuz after i was lusting at this guy's pics the other day i was out later that night and saw a guy with similar looks..maybe that was god nudging my perfect guy in my direction and i should have said hi?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

i was starting to think i was developing a daddy complex. i've been walking around the past few weeks and thinking about some of the attending doctors in ways i probably shouldn't. i mean these are men in their 40s, possibly even 50s, but i've been finding some of them really attractive lately. for older guys, they still look pretty good and if the situation arose to find myself in a porn-style 'boss seduces innocent worker' scenario, i'd probably take full advantage of it. i think there's that whole 'authoritative figure' thing that makes them even sexier.

anyway with those thoughts running through my head i was starting to wonder if i was starting to go through my 'mature' phase. luckily i went out for some drinks yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and after eyeing the hot young guys my age out there all night, i confirmed that i'm really just very horny for man in general with no age discrimination.

what's even the rule for age difference limits? what if i do happen to fall in love with someone who happens to be in his 40s? if the relationship worked would it really be that bad? having a sugar daddy doesn't sound like a bad situation to be in...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

having my day off and loving it. weekday days off are the best..nothing like the schadenfreude of knowing people are hard at work while i'm being a bum in bed all day. (though let's not point out the opposite situation when i'm sadly working nights or weekends..)

unfortunately my next few days off will be spent studying anyhow. i'm scheduled to take step 3 in april. in short summary 'cuz i'm sure you don't care, the medical licensing process is made up of 3 exams you take throughout med school and residency. the only really important one is step 1, which is taken after the first two years of med school. (and basically determines your career path, but that's a whole other post) for some crazy reason (mostly financial i'm sure) step 3, which is the last one, is taken in residency, but it's really quite pointless because it's still a multi-specialty test, i.e. there are questions on medicine, surgery, psych, peds, ob, etc.

but the insanity of it all is that by residency, we've all split into one of those specialties and could really care less about issues not involving our field of study. so, now i am forced to recall what immunizations a 4 year old should be getting or what i should do if a pregnant woman at 24 weeks shows up at my doorstep with vaginal bleeding, things i hopefully will never have to deal with for the rest of my career.  so, maybe you can get an idea of the inanity of this test. the joke is you're only supposed to study 2 days for step 3, but i'd prefer not to take the off-chance of failing it, so i'm being a little conservative and starting early.

anyhoo in some personal life news, i've decided to stop hanging out with cuddle guy. i was over at his place the other night and it's just gotten to be too weird a situation for me. and i really should be focused on finding an actual relationship. i haven't officially broken it to him yet, so that will be another hurdle. he's going out of town soon and i'm gonna take care of his dog again, but after that i'll call it quits. i swear if it wasn't for his dog i'd probably be long gone...i love that little guy more than his owner. 

i read a comment on another blog, something about time not doing any favors to straight women or gay men...which was a funny comment, but i think that also kind of freaked me out. i mean i'm still in my 20s but i can just imagine myself being all preoccupied with work and then all of a sudden i'm all old and still sleeping alone at night...