Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hey all
i finally have my life back after a long two months. i've actually been finding intern year not too bad, but the last two months have definitely been the hardest months i've had so far. anyway i'm on a service this month that shouldn't be too busy and i can get my life in order.

sooo other than work not much to say. valentine's day came and went..i think i was on call that day. interestingly i haven't even been having my pseudo-relationship with cuddle guy. he's been out of town a lot and i've been working a lot so we haven't even had our weekly homebody sessions (in which one of us makes dinner and then we cuddle and watch TV the rest of the night). i have however had to drop by his place to check in on his dog while he's been out of town. yes, i realize we are not a couple but for some reason i'm still doing couples-like shit like watching his dog.

anyway other than that side mess i've still been having occasional hookups with the guy i met way back in july. he finally broke up with the guy he was with, which at least makes me feel less guilty about having sex with him. but obviously that is not high-grade starting relationship material there. in the meantime, i will continue to accept his blowjobs.

i'm debating right now whether to sign up and pay actual money for match.com or something like that for some legit dating prospects. it seems kind of hare-brained but who am i to judge. actually the other day i heard on the radio this commercial for this thing that was basically a singles mixer scheme. but listening to the first few lines of the commercial i was almost hooked! god knows what slovenly losers actually show up to the real things. (although that may be me one day)

since leap day doesn't count, what are yall planning to do tomorrow?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i've always been a big fan of ellen...this just makes me love her more.


i remember her coming out on tv in the 90s was a pretty big deal. now looking back, the 90s was actually a pretty homo-negative era to have the balls to do that.

...and here we are in 2012 facing the same shit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

have i told you guys about my latest crush? his name is ricky rubio. saw him playing the other day and fell in love with his puppy dog looks. i wasn't that into him when he had his dramarama a few years back but now i'm digging him. judge for yourself.