Thursday, April 12, 2012

somehow this man has missed my radar for the past few years.

his name is matt bomer and he's the star of some USA show and recently guest starred on glee. i am by no means a gleek (i actually find the show quite annoying if not vile..) but i do like indie music and got linked to their recent cover of gotye that he performed in. so mr. bomer is one of those dang guys who won the genetic lottery and got smokin looks, a great bod, and apparently a pretty good singing voice too.

thankfully it turns out he is gay in real life and he came out recently and has a nice man and some kids already. i'm sure all the ladies who found out were thinking, 'dammit! all the good ones are gay." and to that, i say amen! just do a google images search of him and i'll even link it for you.

Monday, April 9, 2012

hey all
happy easter! a co-worker was talking about taking his kids for an easter egg hunt and that kinda stuff and i was thinking...gee an easter egg hunt sounds kinda fun! i don't think i've done one since i was like 7 but thinking about it the idea seems pretty entertaining...i'm such a dork.

anyway it's been a pretty stressful/busy week or so at work. started a new service with one of those attendings (aka my boss for you non-medical guys) who expects you to know everything and you gotta be on your A game, had to prepare for this lecture i'm giving this week, and i'm taking step 3 tomorrow. i should be in bed already to get ready for this thing but can't get to sleep. with all that going on i've been crazed and sleepless. o yea and i dropped my phone the other day and cracked the screen pretty badly.

first world problems i know but i'll be happy when this week is over and i can take a breather. in some personal life news, i've been seeing the guy i've been intermittently hooking up with since i moved here more often. (recall this was the guy who was fucking arond with me while he was still in another LTR) while our relationship is still based pretty much around the sex, we at least talk with each other more to make it more on a level slightly above 'fuck buddies'. (not that much higher though.) who knows where this will go. is it ever really a good idea to date a known cheater?

in unrelated news, i found out a urology resident i've had a crush on all year has indeed been happily married. there goes my fantasy of him cornering me in a hospital stairway to blow me.