Monday, October 29, 2012

hi all
well since my last post i thought things were going as well with phone guy as they could for that kind of situation. but for the past week i haven't heard from him at all. i missed his call the last time he called me which was last weekend and he was a little drunk at the time but his voicemail was normal and didn't hint at anything being wrong. and he sent me a message the day after so i know he at least wasn't involved in some accident that night.

now though it's been almost a week and i've had no contact from him. ya ya i know you guys were all skeptical about this situation to begin with, but i don't think he'd cut off all contact like that. i just can't believe he'd be so busy in the last week not to give me a call or send a message when we've been talking or at least in touch nearly every day for the past two months. the scenarios of what has been going on with him have been running through my head, from the more innocuous ones to the more morbid ones.

i don't know how worried i should be about this. unfortunately other than by phone i have no other way to contact him. we never exchanged emails or facebook or any online type thing. i do know where he works and what he does so with some sleuthing i could devise a means to contact him there. although the problem there is i don't know his last name---it never really occurred to me to need to know that about him. when do you ask somebody their last name? that's something i never actively try to find out about another guy but maybe i should start doing that...

i don't know how crazy stalker i should be about this. by phone i think i can only wait for him to contact me but i'm seriously wondering if i should try to find out his work contact info if i don't hear from him in another week or so. if he's lost interest in me that's fine but i at least want to know he's safe. there are certain things that have been going on in his personal life that just give me this nagging feeling something sinister has happened.

this whole thing is and has been insane i know. yall are probably shaking your head, but for me--and i think him also--this has been very real and i just don't think he'd leave me hanging like this.