Thursday, September 12, 2013

hey guys
it's been too long and i owe yall an explanation. it was a crazy summer that's for sure. short version, i attended a few weddings all over the country (one more this weekend), went to lollapalooza, had, and ended a relationship with another guy where we both truly loved each other, came out to some of my important friends and partially to my family (not all there yet), and oh yea still did some of this doctoring business in between. i promise the big update is coming.

by the way, thanks for sticking around and checking in on this blog. i know bloggers come and go so i really appreciate and am truly flattered that i have even the semblance of an audience interested in the crap i have to spew.

in the meantime (cuz who knows when i will actually be able to sit down and recap all that) check out this speech by wentworth miller. he quietly but somewhat dramatically came out last month in protest to the russia anti-gay stuff.. i think his speech encapsulates a lot of the emotions we (as in homos) go through as we struggle to come out. i always thought he was cute and knew for a long time that he was a glass closet hollywood gay, but i think it's awesome he's really being an advocate now. it's a long speech but worth it.