Thursday, November 28, 2013

gay stuff: jockstraps

i understand there are a fair number of guys out there who enjoy seeing another guy in a jockstrap. i have never had an opinion on them. i never played sports so i never experienced that locker room atmosphere so that may be part of it. anyway one of my fuck buddies was very into it and got me a strap to wear. he suggested i try just wearing it as my underwear which i did the other day and i guess you could say i'm a turned man now. now i didn't want anybody to accidentally just see the jock band so i wore my regular underwear too (boxer briefs btw) but it was kinda hot to be wearing the jock all day. a little personal secret if you may.

i don't know how common the jock is in regular day sports nowadays, but i thought compression shorts were getting more popular. i would definitely find it hot to see somebody in the hospital in scrubs and being able to see their jock lines. i guess i just see jocks as more of a style thing, akin to the woman's g-string. what do you think? (and practically speaking, why do they have to be ass-less? i never got that.)

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Friday, November 15, 2013

one of my close friends in the residency had his baby recently. really excited for him and his wife and they'll be great parents. but all the baby talk the past few months and especially him finally becoming a dad has kinda been giving me a twinge of sadness. one of the hardest parts about accepting myself as a gay man was accepting that i would never have the perfect nuclear family. i always imagined i'd have that beautiful wife, the home, the kids, and the family dog and when i first started messing around with guys i thought that'd still be in my future after i got over this phase.

well that phase is here to stay and while i'm perfectly happy that i'll end up with a guy someday, there's always that mixture of jealousy, longing, and sadness when i see a happy straight couple being happy and looking like the perfect family with their kids. i was so looking forward to bringing into this world with someone i love my own kids and knowing that will never happen is always a bummer. sure there's always adoption or surrogacy or other things like that, but it just isn't the same as being a normal straight couple having their own kid. i see my friends going through those life milestones and all i can think about is how it will never be that easy with whatever man i end up with.

i don't know. there are enough people in this world that i don't need to bring another one into it with my own genes, but damn i sure want to be a dad and i still want to have that white picket family.