Monday, October 24, 2011

Now that I've had a few paychecks and all my money isn't being instantly drained by my credit cards, I'm starting to think about getting a few toys to play with.

Specifically a flesh light.

I've always been really curious about them. I've seen enough vids of guys enjoying themselves with it that I think it'd be worth a shot. Anybody splurge on their own and wanna comment? With all the hours I'm working, my hopes of finding a reliable fuck buddy seem to be sinking further and further, and hey I'm getting bored just working with the good ol' hand. Will a fleshlight blow my mind, and my load?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

As a follow-up to my last post, I was out with the friend I mentioned in the last post this weekend. It was after the bars closed and we were on our way home. We were with some other guy and he jokingly mentioned there's the gay bar right there if we wanted to keep partying. Then my friend, whom I've probably hung out the most with since we started working, kinda went off on homos, which really surprised me. He actually said quote "I am the biggest homophobe" or something like that. I was a little drunk myself and don't remember his exact words, but basically he said he can tolerate the existence of fags, but he doesn't want anything to do with them and could never hang out with one ever. Little does he know the coworker he's been going out with all these weeks is as big a fag as you can get.

Anyway I didn't really say anything. The other guy who brought up the gay bar joke in the first place was trying to defend fags (thanks man..not) but wasn't really doing a good job. They were kinda going back and forth so I didn't bother interrupting, but I probably should have got my two cents in. I should have at least asked him the question which I fear the most, "what if you found out one of your good buddies was gay".

Obviously I felt very small as this guy who is one of my best buds now is openly admitting that he wouldn't be friends with me if he knew who I was doing in the bedroom. Ironically enough, later on the way home we're just talking about whatever and he's like, "You know I really like hanging out with you".

.....Yea until you find out I like sucking dick..

I can't decide if this changes my opinion of him. I know we live in this ultra pc world now (especially in the medicine world) and his attitude is not really acceptable, but it would be naive to think we can change whole mindsets. I know his background a little and I know this was just probably the way he was raised. It was just a very weird exchange. We hang out enough that it will probably come up again, so I'll have to speak up more the next time and flesh out his opinion more.

Any thoughts on what I should have said instead? Just come out right there and see what his reaction would be? yea right....

Friday, October 7, 2011

The weird thing about living this whole "straight lie" thing is going out with my male buds. Now I have not really made any friends outside of work here, but I do have a pretty good friendship going with this other resident.

Unfortunately he is as straight as can be. He recently got out of a long-term relationship, and luckily for him the city I’m in is the perfect place for him to go wild and be single. So as we currently have a small circle of friends and not too many residents have the energy to party like we do, I am his de facto wingman. Which is fine because I still like to drink and go out and have a good time, but man my friend is non-stop when it comes to the women. He is generally a nice guy, but he's pretty decent looking, and with his little regional accent, he basically can charm anything with a vagina his way.

 So I, being the dutiful friend, must play the role of the sidekick as I wait for him to pick up some broad to bring home to fuck when we go out. I foresee this becoming a problem as I become more sexually frustrated. Would much rather prefer a copilot to try to score some hot guys to bring home. For now I don't mind because I certainly can appreciate the female anatomy and go along with things, and I just think it's funny how quickly he's going through the women right now. But I dunno it just always leaves the question, can gay guys and straight guys be buds without things getting all weird? Maybe having a gay wingman would actually be better.....?

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've had the pleasure of hooking up with not one but two cops in my career as a slut. Not that I knew they were cops when I met them, but after finding that out, of course it added to their respective sex appeal. And these were both straight-outta-your-gay-fantasy-bonafide-hot-ass cops.

The first one I'll tell you about I unfortunately met at the tail end of medical school. (unfortunate 'cuz I would have liked to have been fucking him all throughout med school!) He was probably in the top 5 of hottest guys I've been with. Short blonde hair and the scruffy unshaven look that drives me crazy. Tall, well-built, muscular but not overly beefy. Had especially nice arms and chest. Whenever I saw him he'd be wearing tight jeans and a well-fitted tshirt or long-sleeved that would perfectly show off his very sexy body. He'd definitely turn your head if you saw him somewhere. Oh yea and he had a big cock. Some guys get all the luck.

Anyway somehow I got lucky enough to see him a few times. He was a little difficult to get in touch with and set definite things up, but he was so freaking attractive I was basically his on-call slut and when he was free, I was there. He liked to invite me over under the pretense of watching a movie, but obviously we never really got so far as even setting up the movie before all our clothes were on the floor. After the sexy part was over though we would curl up on his couch together and watch TV and shoot the shit a little bit before we went at it again. I could tell he was actually a really nice guy though and I think he'd probably be a good boyfriend. Other than the physical part, he was nice just to hang out with and it would have been cool to get to know him better. Of course when he mentioned what his job was, that just made him even hotter. I don't think he was out at work, but it would probably surprise a few of his fellow officers to find out a guy like him was gay. Not really sure what the cop culture is like but I could imagine that wouldn't go over that well. But he was definitely a very masculine guy and I for sure wouldn't want to mess with him on the street.

Alas, I had to move away for residency so my only hope is if I go back to visit the city my med school is in. I'll write about the second cop some other time, but it's nice to know there are a few homo cops out there to perpetuate our favorite fantasies right? What the hell is it about men in uniform that make them so hot? A firefighter is definitely on the to-do list. I've seen a few cute ones in the ER and what I would do to one in the supply closet......